Project Description


A Performing Arts & Convention Center including a Concert Hall, Convention Hall, Exhibition Hall and Theater.

The Problem

The customer’s greatest challenge was keeping their facility looking new with all the constant foot traffic.  They needed to find a better solution to floor care processes to better accommodate their busy schedule.

How We Solved It

In an effort to find a solution for the customer, Massco set up a demonstration on the Tennant T3 Orbital Auto Scrubber.  With the ability to scrub and strip floor finish without the need for harsh chemicals, the Tennant T3 scrubber takes the challenge out of
having to purchase several units to accomplish one job. With its 20 x 14 rectangular scrubbing deck, you get the ability to work in corners and on edges that a typical round unit makes impossible. The T3 orbital floor scrubber is equipped with a 10-gallon
solution and recovery tank and works at approximately 68 decibels making this one of the quietest floor scrubbers on the market. During the demo of this unit with 3m spp pads, management immediately saw how this piece of equipment could benefit their

The customer immediately purchased their first Tennant T3 Orbital Auto Scrubber. They are absolutely thrilled with the results this has provided to their facility. Labor savings, happy employees and quicker turn times for their end-users have made this
transaction worthwhile.

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